Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Despite my young life of one month, I am already a pretty popular girl! I've made so many new friends:
Here is Auntie Kitt & Mayanna sitting with Mom & me watching my brother & Mirabelle 'playing' Guitar Hero:Mayanna is a cool baby. She is a two months older than me and with her age comes experience. I will be a good student and learn the ways of the world from her! Here she is explaining to me the mortgage crisis and how it is affecting the dollar on the world market. Or, she just has a poopie diaper. Meh, it is all the same thing.

Here is a pic of me & Gillie hanging out. Gillie is awesome! She is a week older than me, so we have a lot in common. For example, our mommies dress us in pink and make us pose for silly pictures.
After meeting all these new friends, I spent the day reflecting on my new found friendships.
Or drooling. Meh, it's the same thing.

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